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Michael Jordan played Basketball and watched it in Television when he was of younger age.By the time psses,he got intrested in basketball.

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Q: How did Michael Jordan get involved in sports?
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How much is a sports illustrated michael jordan holographic picture worth?

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By watching basketball,then he got involved.

How old was Michael Jordan when he started playing sports?

Michael Jordan played sports all his life but in his sophmore year he tried out for his highschools basketball team but did not make it.

He is considered to be the best athlete in sports history although he is only 6'3 which is not tall in the NBA?

Michael Jordan??? Michael Jordan???

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he was seeing it on tv

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Michael Jordan

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basketball and golf

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Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Football

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Michael Jordan ; Chicago Bulls

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Michael Jordan played baseball and football as well as basketball.

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yes in your moms pants

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James R. Jordan Boys and Girls and family life centre

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Michael Jordan by far