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Q: How did May death affect Bennie feeling about grannie?
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How does Bennie change throughout Before the End of Summer?

Bennie Realizes that death is part of life. And now he kind of grew up a little bit. He watched his Grandma die, and was doing everything she wanted for her.

The pope's feeling of the black death?

he was feeling sad

What is feeling in the time of death?

nice feelings.......

Is love and death the same?

No. Death is something that happens to a person. Love is a feeling.

Which us president had a son named bennie who was mangled to death during a carriage accident?

Franklin Pierce had a son named Bennie who died when their train's carriage detached and rolled down an embankment. Pierce and his wife had 3 children together, all of whom died during childhood.

What affects death rates?

What affects death rates???Quite a few things can affect death rates a few of them are:warfaminedroughtdiseaseThese are just a few of the things which affect death rates

Why did they nicknamed him Angel of death?

because the angel of death is the meaning/symbol of death and that he is a angel that takes your life to take you away from the horrific feeling of death.

How do you win your ex back when he stopped feeling?

death threats

How did Rosa Parks death affect America?

Actually Rosa's life did affect the life of the Americans rather than her death.

How does Papa's death affect Esperanza and her family?

it helps with suking cock

How did Rubens death affect Billy?

Ruben's death left Billy devastated and grieving. He struggled to come to terms with the loss of his friend and mentor, feeling a profound sense of sadness and emptiness. Billy had to navigate a range of complex emotions as he coped with the loss and sought to honor Ruben's memory.

Did the black death affect Poland?