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Lenin was the leader of the radical socialist Bolshevik party, which seized power in October of the Russian Revolution of 1917

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Q: How did Lenin consolidate power?
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Who did Vladimir Lenin take power from?

Lenin took power from the Russian Provisional Government headed at that time by Alexander Kerensky. Lenin did not take power from or overthrow the Tsar. That has already been done by the time Lenin took control.

Did Stalin or Lenin have more control?

At first, lenin... then lenin died and Stalin screwed with the succession and seized power.

Was Leon Trotsky Lenin's rival for power?

Yes. Trotsky was a Menshevik and Lenin was a Bolshevik. Trotsky also wanted a freer communism while Lenin wanted more power to a small group of leadership. Trotsky had been a Menshevik, but he joined Lenin and the Bolsheviks before the 1917 revolution. Trotsky did not vie for power against Lenin. He was Lenin's second hand man. After Lenin died in 1924, Trotsky became Joseph Stalin's rival for power.

How did Joseph Stalin's consolidate control over the soviet union following vladimir lenin death?

Answer this question… By assassinating and imprisoning his political enemies

How did Joseph Stalin consolidate control over the Soviet Union following Vladimir Lenin's death?

Answer this question… By assassinating and imprisoning his political enemies

When did lenin come into power?

lenin came to power in october 1917 in the russian revolution.

Who assisted Lenin to power?

The Germans are the ones who assisted Lenin to power. They did this with the expectation that he would undermine the Russian efforts in the war.

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What did Mao Zedong use in the communist in China?

consolidate his power

What was the group that overthrew Vladimir Lenin?

No group or person overthrew Lenin. Lenin died of natural causes in 1924 while still in power.

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