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It didn't. They used guns and bombs. They didn't fight hand to hand and even if they did not every one knew karate

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Q: How did Karate helped the Japanese in Battle?
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What battle wiped out the Japanese navy?

The Battle of Midway crippled the Japanese navy.

A traditional Japanese system of unarmed combat?

Judo (without weapons)/Karate (empty hands).

In 1942 the US halted Japanese advances at what battle?

the battle of midway

Who won the battle at the Yalu River?

There were two, the first in 1894 was a naval battle with the Japanese beating the Chinese. The second Battle of Yalu River was in 1904. This was a land battle with he Japanese winning against Russia.

What battle was the last obstacle to the allied invasion of the Japanese homeland?

battle of okinawa