How did Jose Theodore become famous?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Jose Theodore is famous for playing hockey. He is currently playing for the Florida Panthers, and has played for the Montreal Canadiens, Djugarden, the Colorado Avalanche, the Washington Capitals, and Minnesota Wild in the past.

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Q: How did Jose Theodore become famous?
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How can i contact Jose Theodore and Ryan smyth of the Colorado avalanche?

Jose Theodore's cell # - 613 246 5487

When was Jose Theodore drafted by the Montreal Canadiens?

Jose Theodore was a second round choice of the Canadiens in the 1994 NHL entry draft.

What was the name of Jose Theodore son?


Who is Jose Theodore and what does he do?

Jose Theodore is a professional ice hockey player. He plays for Florida Panthers and is in the National Hockey League, he has a pretty good record.

How long was Theodore famous for?

Theodore Roosevelt remains famous and popular.

What happened as result of the actions of the rough riders in Cuba?

As a result of the actions of the Rough Riders in Cuba, Theodore Roosevelt became famous.

What was Jose Theodore's prescribed medicine for thinning hair?


What are Jose Theodore's career statistics in the NHL?

"Jose Theodore has career statistics in the NHL. His total career statistics are GP580, MIN32790, GS547, W260, etc. His yearly statistics differ from these."

In what year was Jose Theodore drafted 44th overall by the Canadiens?


For which team did Jose Theodore play?

"Jose Theodore was drafted 44th overall by the Montreal Canadiens in the 1994 Entry Draft. Since then he has played for Colorado, Washington and Minnesota before finally landing in Florida."

Who was the famous leader of rough riders?

Theodore Roosevelt.

What year did Jose Theodore win the Hart trophy?

2001-2002 season.