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Jesse Owens sent Hitler in a rage as Jesse won four gold medals, beating the Germans, and as the Olympics were in Germany, Hitler did not want to shake hands with a black athlete.

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Q: How did Jesse Owens send Hitler into a great rage?
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== == His hallmark was intense rage.

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Adolf Hitler was a sociopath whose only path to significance was to attach himself to some great problem. In the event, the problem to which he attached himself was the enigma of The Great War, which demonstrated that individuals were indeed insignificant and that significance and import were assigned by chance (and machineguns) at random.If you understand this answer, you get an "A" in "Human Condition 101." ___ Rage in public was one of his hallmarks. It made many people feel that he was expressing their frustations.

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Funny story, really. Hermann Goering, Hitler's second-in-command and leader of the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) was supposed to be Hitler successor in the event of his death, but Hitler removed him from that position shortly before his death. Here's why. Between April 20-29th, Hitler was beginning to lose his mind. He knew that Germany was to lose the war. He could feel every Russian and American shell land above his head outside Berlin. Hermann Goering had the audacity to suggest to Hitler that they should consider surrendering to the allies. This caused Hitler to fly into a rage. In this fit of rage, he rewrote his last will and testament and removed Goering from power, instead subbing in Karl Donitz, the leader of the Nazi Kriegsmarine. This was probably a huge mistake for Hitler - Goering probably would've continued the war effort with a clear mind and a new perspective, but Donitz surrendered to the allies just 7 days after the Fuhrer abandoned his people. Like I said, funny story.

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