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he helped others by running and making people feel good about their selves to run and make the girls belive that they can do it. don't listen to mhe if ur over twelve

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Q: How did Jesse Owens impact the world?
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What impact on society did Jesse Owens have?

Being one of the African American to win the 100m. And do good in Long jump to win first place. Hitler said that all white man were Superior but Jesse Owens proved it doesn't matter.

What did Jesse Owens want to see change?

jesse owens wanted to see the racism change

Who and what motivated Jesse Owens?

Jesse Owens

Who coached Jesse Owens?

jesse owen coached jesse owens

Is there movies of Jesse Owens?

No there is no movie of Jesse Owens

Is Jesse Owens single?

No, Jesse Owens is not single.

What is Jesse Owens mom name?

Emma Owens for Jesse Owens mom's name

What is Jesse Owens's mom's name?

Emma Owens for Jesse Owens mom's name

Who was Jesse Owens wife?

Jesse Owens wife was named Ruth.

How much are Jesse Owens medal worth?

its meaningful to jesse owens

What did Jesse Owens do away from the track?

what did jesse owens do away from track

What is Jesse Owens's middle name?

James Cleveland "Jesse" Owens