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  1. He was selected off of a list by Branch Rickey
  2. Interviewed by Branch Rickey
  3. On April 15,1945; signed a contract with Branch Rickey officially making him a MLB player. (The first black one too)

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Q: How did Jackie Robinson become an Major League Baseball player?
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How did Jackie Robinson become a good baseball player?

Jackie Robinson became a good baseball player because he had practice for a very long time

How did Jackie Robinson become a baseball player?

Jackie Robinson became a baseball player in college, but actually started playing in Montreal before coming to the United States to play. After the end of World War II, Jackie Robinson tried out for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Why did Jackie Robinson become part of the civil rights movement?

because he was a baseball player

How did Jackie Robinson help major league basesall become an integrated sport?


Did Jackie Robinson have a fair and equal life?

Of course not: he was a black person. He paid heavily for having become a black baseball player in a 'white' league. For that he is strongly admired.

What were Jackie Robinson's most important goals?

Jackie's most important goals were to play baseball and to help everyone to become equal.

When was Jackie Robinson's first major league game?

His first major-league game was on April 15, 1947 as the Brooklyn Dodgers played the Boston Braves at Ebbets Field. Robinson went 0-for-4 but scored the go-ahead run in Brooklyn's 5-3 victory. April 15 has become "Jackie Robinson Day" in Major League Baseball and every player wears Robinson's No. 42 during their games.

Who influenced Jackie Robinson to become a baseball player?

Himself he loved baseball so much he had a dream and he acomplished it by becoming a baseball player.

When did Jackie Robinson become MVP?

1949Sources: My Brain

In what year did Jackie Robinson become the first African American to play baseball?

he wasnt the first black ballplayer.

What did Jackie Robinson do to become so famous?

His number one accomplishment for which he was famous was in breaking the racial barrier in baseball.

Did Jackie Robinson know what he wanted to become in the future?


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