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J.K. Rowling argued with her boyfriend then invented Quidditch in a small hotel room in Manchester.

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Q: How did J.K. Rowling get the idea for Quidditch?
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What is the IQ of JK Rowling?

138 IQ- JK Rowling

Why did J.K. Rowling wirte the series Harry potter?

JK Rowling got the idea in a train going to London.

Where is JK Rowling's Hometown?

jk Rowling was born in Bristol England

What is J.K Rowling?

Jk Rowling is not an object. JK Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter books.

JK Rowling email?

JK Rowling reports that she is not a pro with the computer, so she only uses it to write books on. JK Rowling does not have an email

Who is JK Rowling parents?

JK Rowling's parents were both English teachers.

What were some of JK Rowling's characteristics?

JK Rowling was very creative and intelligent.

How she conceived the idea of Harry Potter books?

JK Rowling received her inspiration from her dreams

What game requires 2 beaters 3 chasers 1 keeper and 1 seeker?

Quidditch, a fictional "sport" from the Harry Potterseries, by JK Rowling.

What elementary school did JK Rowling go to?

i have exactly NO idea , Sorry if I'm no help at all

Where was JK Rowling when the idea for Harry Potter first occured to her?

She was in king cross on a train to Manchester.

When did the idea for Harry Potter come to JK Rowling?

On the train to King Cross station, London.

Where was the place that JK Rowling brainstormed the idea of the Harry Potter series?

The idea struck her at a train station in ... Manchester, I believe.

When did JK Rowling's mother die?

JK Rowling's mother died on December 30th, 1990.

What do people think of JK Rowling?

she is cool she has sooo much passion go JK ROWLING

Does JK Rowling have a pet?

J.K Rowling has a rabbit

What religon is JK Rowling?

J.K Rowling is a Christian

Is jk Rowling an idol?


What doe s jk Rowling do?

JK Rowling is an author. She is the author of the Harry Potter series of books.

What did jk Rowling do?

JK Rowling wrote the 7 Harry Potter books, and their 3 companion books.

Is jk Rowling living?

JK Rowling is alive. She is 44 years old and her birthday is July 31.

Where did the idea of Harry Potter first come to JK Rowling?

from her friends whos last name is potter

Who are JK Rowling's children?

David Rowling, Anne Rowling and Mackenzie Rowling

Is JK Rowling deceased?

No, J.K. Rowling is still alive.