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Irene was a provincial hurdler in her younger days, so she was always atalentedathlete. It wasn't until she was 17 that she not selected in her schools second team. A scout noticed her and asked why she wasn't playing the the top team and asked her to go toprovincialtrials. She got in the team.

She then met Christie, her husband, who was veryfocusedand a talented athlete also. He would shoot hoops with her and work out drills. This helped Irenefocuson her goals.

Once the apartheid was lifted, she was selected in the national team. She was 22 when she first made her internationalappearance.

Then she moved to NewZelandin 2000.

Moral of the story is lots of hard work. As Irene says, "Believe in yourself because if you don't believe in yourself, no one else is going to believe in you."

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Q: How did Irene van Dyk become successful?
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by concentrating on the ball into the goal and trying your hardest

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i think irene van dyk is about 35 40.teach

What is Irene van Dyk full name?

Irene van Dyk is a former New Zealand netball player. Her full married name is listed as Irene van Dyk and her maiden name was Viljoen.

Is Irene Van Dyk married?

Yes, to Christie Dyk

Is Irene Van Dyk racist?

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Yes, Irene Van Dyk is a teacher. She is a primary school teacher.

Do Irene van Dyk like NZ?

yes irene does

Where does Irene Van Dyk teach?

Irean Van Dyk teaches at furgesso primary school

Why did Irene van Dyk move to nz?

Irene wanted to become a silver fern so she moved to new nealand

What was Irene Van Dyk's last name before she got married?

I think Irene van Dyk's maiden name is Viljoen. Her mother is called Irene Viljoen.

When did Irene van Dyke become a Silver Fern?

irene van dyk become a silver fern in 2000 and she has play for the silver ferns 84 games for new zealand

Was Irene van Dyke a teacher?

yes irene van dyk is a teacher and she still is