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When he was 14 years old, David Beckham signed up to Manchester United, noting he was still in school.

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his farther tought him

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Q: How did David Beckham start playing football?
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What team did David Beckham start playing for?

David Beckham, came from the youth and Manchester United and that was his first club.

When did David Beckham start learning football?

When he was 5 yrs old....

When did David Beckham start playing in Manchester United?

In 1993.

England soccer captain at start of 2001?

David beckham

When did david beckham start to participate with machester united?

Since 1991 till 2003. From 1991 to 1993, he was playing for youth team. From 1993 to 2003, he was actually playing as a pro.

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At what age did David Beckham start playing soccer?

David Beckham will join LA Galaxy at the end of his current contract at Real Madrid, which ends on the 30 June 2007. So he should arrive at the beginning of July having signed a five year 128 million pound contract.

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