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Q: How did Danica Patrick get the scar on her right cheek?
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How did Olivia wilde get her cheek scar?

Olivia Wilde - "I've got a scar on my right cheek, I scratched myself when I was only some hours old".

Is Drew Brees scar a birthmark?

yes it says Brittney on his right shoulder---that is the arm he throws with

Is there a scar on Lil Waynes left cheek?

Probably a prison scar

What is a sentence using the word scar?

The man had a scar on his cheek. A scar may or may not be noticeable.

Where is Tom Kaulitz scar?

On his right cheek. bill pushed him into a glass table. You can see him saying it on Youtube. Tom Kaulitz has a scar on his right cheek. But it's barely noticeable. It's 2 - 3 centimeters long. He got it at a young age. At age 6, Bill and him were fighting then Bill gave him a hard push. A snowboard fell on him then yeah. ^_^

How did Havana Brown get the scar on her left cheek?

she got cut

How did Sanaa Lathan get her cheek scar?

hot playdough when she was a kid

Did an Indian give Andrew Jackson the scar on his cheek?

No. A British soldier did.

How did Negi Springfield get the scar on his left cheek?

Negi Springfield got the scar on his left cheek during an encounter with the former Governor General of Ostia, Kurt Godel, who attacked him with his magic. This confrontation left Negi scarred but also marked a turning point in his growth as a mage.

How did Patrick Wymark get the scar on his lip?

does anybody know

Why does 50 cent have a scar on his cheek?

he got shot once with a gun pointed inside his mouth, but he was lucky, the bullet only pierced though his cheek

What is permanently visible on Montag's face?

Montag has a permanent scar on his cheek from a burn caused by his father.