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Q: How did Bill Russell give back to society?
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Did Katy Perry give Russell Brand the wedding ring back?

I did

How did Cleopatra give back to society?

The concept of "giving back" to society is a modern one. Cleopatra never lived under that idea and would probably think it weird. To the ancient, eastern rulers, society was to give to them, not the other way around.

What reasons did humanists give for wanting to reform society?

go back

What is the philosophy that wealthy Americans should give back to society called?

The philosophy that wealthy Americans should give back to society is commonly referred to as philanthropy or charitable giving. It is based on the belief that those who have accumulated wealth have a responsibility to support and contribute to the betterment of society through donations, volunteer work, or other forms of giving.

Will Russell crowe give his brain to science?

Yes actor Russell Crowe has planned to give his brain to science when he dies. Russell Crowe recently starred in the movie Noah.

You want to tell Bill Russell thank you. Bill Russell saw a red haired kid trying to make a shot with a worn out ball and no net on the ring more than 40 years ago he stopped helped me learn THANKS?

I am sure that is quite a story. Growing up in the 60s I held Bill Russell in the utmost respect. I wish I could give you an email address or something so you could get in touch with him. He has always guarded his privacy fiercely. But I have heard several stories like yours where Russell has gone out of his way to help someone or to be nice to someone. I know Russell is involved with the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research. Maybe you could get something to him thru them. I have included a link on this page to a short history of Bill Russell. I hope you enjoy looking at it. ----------------------------------------------------------- Another answer by another person: I am a personal friend of Bill Russell's and I happened across this. I promise you I will tell Bill your story and how you feel about it, and convey your thanks to him. I will do so early next week when I see him.

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What do you have to do for bill in Pokemon FireRed?

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Does Carrie Underwood ever give back to the community?

yes she gives donations to the humane society and peta

Will Bill give back the money he stole through his insurance scam in Florida?

I don't know Bill, But I doubt if he'll pay it back, Criminals rarely repay their ill gotten gains.

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