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Q: How did Avery and his group I dentist the transformation principle?
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What was the hypothesis in the Avery Macleod and McCarthy DNA experiment?

Avery and his colleagues wanted to isolate the active chemical responsible for the transformation principle (genes) and group it into a known group of chemicals (proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, polysaccharides...) or at least find out its basic chemical properties. So it could maybe be formulated as follows: "What is the active chemical inducing transformation of Pneumococci Type II to Pneumococci Type III in previously outlined experiments?" Therefore, the null-hypothesis would be: "Which chemical substances can be excluded from being responsible for inducing this transformation?"

How did Avery and his group determine which molecule was most important for what transformation?

Avery and his group determined which molecule was most important for transformation by selectively destroying different components of heat-killed S strain bacteria and observing which component was necessary to transfer the virulent phenotype to R strain bacteria. They found that the DNA component was responsible for this transformation, leading to the conclusion that DNA was the molecule responsible for genetic information transfer.

Briefly describe how Avery and his group determined which molecules was most important for transformation?

Avery and his colleagues made an extract, or juice, from the heat-killed bacteria. They then carefully treated the extract with enzymes that destroyed proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, and other molecules, including the RNA. Transformation still occurred. Obviously, since these molecules had been destroyed, they were not responsible for the transformation. Your welcome:)

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How was Avery and his group determined which molecule was most important for transformation?

Avery and his group created an extract from bacteria that had been killed by heat and then used enzymes to destroy RNA, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and other such molecules. Because transformation still occurred, they were able to isolate the molecules vital to the process.

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