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The Italian Garasso dived to win a shameless penalty and won the world cup.

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Q: How did Australia lose world cup soccer in 2006?
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Would Australia have been as successful in World War 2 if the women hadn't helped out on the home front?

if their werent any women Australia would lose the war thanks to the nurses they won

Which was the only team not to lose a game at the World Cup Soccer 2010?

New Zealand was the only undefeated team at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, having tied all three of its matches in the Group Stage, but unable to advance to the Round of 16.

To who did Hitler lose the war?

Russsia in world 2 because they gave up but they knew they were going to lose the war in world war2

In which year did France host and lose the world cup?

1938 FIFA World Cup

Who did France lose to in the world cup 2010?

south Africa

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When did America lose to the Japanese in the world cup soccer?

During the women's finals, 2010

Which team did India lose to in semi final of the 1987 icc world cup?

India lose to England in 1987 world cup.England reaches the finals against Australia.

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Which team was the only team not to lose a match at the soccer world cup 2010?

Holland lost the final world cup match their first loss in 2010 world cup.

Which player was adjudged Golden Boot in FIFA World Cup 2006?

It was Miraslav K lose.

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