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The Olympic pool in China is reported to be 3m deep. ---- For top class Water Polo the minimum water depth is 1.8m

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No, its not 12ft... It's 2 meters, or a little more than 6 feet

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six feet seven inches

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Q: How deep is water polo pool at Olympics?
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How deep is the pool that the 2008 water polo Olympics are playing in?

2 meters or 6.5 feet

How deep is the water polo pool at the London Olympics?

Six foot, six and a half inches.

What is the purpose of the small pool at the Olympics?

Diving, Water Polo, Etc.

What pool is used for water polo in the 2012 Olympics?

2 meters

How deep is a olympic pool for water polo?

About 6 feet

Why is water polo popular?

Its one of the few sports you can play in the pool, and is in the Olympics.

How deep is the water polo pool for women?

Women's and men's are the same. Usually 2 meters or deeper, but it depends on the pool they play at.

Water polo in Israel?

water polo is palyed in a 25m pool, width veries. There are 7 players in the pool from one team, including a goalie. The object is to get the ball in the goal, past the gaolie and the other team. you can only use one hand and the game is quite violent, but very fun!

Is there a shallow end in a water polo pool?

Some pools have a shallow end to warm up in, and then the playing area is deep, some have just deep water, some are half and half. I depends on what pool you are in.

How deep in feet are Water polo pools?

For top standard water polo matches the water has to be a minimum of 1.8 meters it depend on the pool but it can be quite deep

The water polo team is in a pool They are not getting wet What kind of pool are they in?

The water polo team is in a car pool.

Are players allowed to touch the bottem of the pool in water polo?

Nope. Generally the pool we play in is too deep to be able to touch the ground- the club I play for plays in a pool that is 4 meters deep. You need to tread water throughout the game