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they go as deep as the bottom of the pool

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Q: How deep do Olympic high divers go underwater?
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Why do deep-sea divers require greater protection than scuba divers?

Because of very high water pressure.

How deep in an olympic pool for high diving?

16 feet

Why do deep sea divers wear specially designed suit?

because under the sea atmospheric pressure is high

How deep is the Olympic pool for high diving in Beijing?

5 or 6 meters

Does the deep end of a swimming pool like like an underwater high ceiling room?


Why do deep-sea diver wear boots made of lead?

Lead has a high density which means that the divers can sink quicker.

What is the book high wizardry about?

since the 2nd book was underwater and it was called deep wizardry i think the 3rd book high wizardry has to do more with in the sky

What is an underwater tank used by divers?

It depends on the type of diving you'll be doing and how much air you consume. I dive with a high-pressure steel 100 cubic foot tank.

How do Olympic tandem divers train if they don't live in the same city?

Some train in Ponds Forge In Sheffield (my hometown yay) some train in other high class venues

Where have bacteria been located?

All over the place. There are more bacteria in your body than there are human cells. They have also been found deep, deep underwater as well as in thermal hot springs, and areas of high salt concentrations.

Why do sea divers wear specially designed clothes?

For shallow dives in cold climates, they are to keep the diver warm. For deep dives, they are to protect the diver from the cold and high pressure and to provide a supply of oxygen.

What has the author Peter B Bennett written?

Peter B. Bennett has written: 'The physiology and medicine of diving and compressed air work' -- subject(s): Deep diving, High pressure (Science), Physiological aspects, Physiological aspects of Deep diving, Physiological effect, Submarine medicine 'The Physiology and Medicine of Diving' 'To the very depths' -- subject(s): Anesthesiologists, Divers Alert Network, Divers, Biography

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