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Basketball is a fun game and i love it.I play basketball very well here in Nigeria.Coming to the question,if one should have the right people to take him/or her out of the country to play basketball,it will be possible to play College Basketball still living in Nigeria.Now the next question that may come up is this,''but the person has gone out of the country and he or she may not come back again.whats going to happen?''Yes the person has gone out but the person will still come back cus its from the agreement b/w the sponsor and him that will make that person cme back.but if its been said that the person should stay,well no problem.

Usually, college basketball scouts go to Nigeria and other African nations each year to scout players.first you have to be good enough to play college ball in the U.S. Second, you have to ask around to find out which gyms the college scouts are in and try joiing a basketball camp. A good example of this would be Dikembe Mutombo, he is in the NBA.

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Q: How could you play US college basketball if you are living in Nigeria?
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