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By using magnet at bottom

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Q: How could a piece of iron be moved without touching it?
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How do you empty a glass of water without touching the glass or table?

Push it off the table with a rolled up piece of paper.

How do you shut off a Macbook Air without touching any buttons?

Take earbuds and stick the medal piece in the usb port of the left side.

Can you cook more than one piece of corned beef brisket in the same pot?

It depends on if you can fit both pieces in the pot without them touching.

How do you tell if a glacier has moved?

A glacier is a piece of ice.

When a piece of iron behaves like a magnet when it is touching a permanent magnet that is called?

The process by which a iron piece touching a permanent magnet behaves as a magnet as long as it maintains contact is called magnetic induction. not only does this work when the iron is physically touching the magnet but it works as long as the piece of iron remains under the influence of the magnet. A iron piece attracted to a magnet through a paper with out any physical contact will also behave as a magnet.

What is the antonym of fixtures?

The opposite of a furniture fixture is a fitment. Fixture, meaning a piece of furniture that can't be moved, and a fitment is a piece of furniture than can be moved. Source:

How can Thermal energy can be transferred by conduction from one piece of matter to another only if they are what?


If chess king cannot move without going into check - checkmate or stalemate or draw?

If the king is not currently in check and has nowhere to move without being in check, it is stalemate, which is a draw. However if any other piece of his can make a move (i.e a pawn), then it is not stalemate, and you are forced to move whatever piece can be moved.

Which chess piece should only be moved diagonally?

The bishop .

What is a frame bushing?

A bushing is a piece of rubber that separates two pieces of metal from touching and/or grinding.

How can forces act on an object without touching?

forces always have to touch an object to affect it because if you lay down a small piece of paper and blow on it its going to move p.s. I'm only a 5th grader

How do you read chess moves?

From left to right. If the notation reads (for example) KXF8, the first letter refers to the piece that is being moved. K-King, next, the 'X' represents that that piece is taking another piece. F refers to the file that the piece is being moved to. The Number, then, refers to the rank that the piece is being moved to. Also, if the move results in a check, a '+' is added to the end. If the move results in checkmate, a '++' is added to the end. The notation for each piece is as follows. King-K Queen-Q Bishop-B Knight-N Rook-R Pawn- either P or no letter implies that a pawn was moved.