How come super heroes never kill?

Updated: 11/22/2022
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Q: How come super heroes never kill?
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Can you kill people on Smackdown vs Raw?

never cant they are my heroes . no one ever can't kill the peoples like undertaker ,batista,HHH,and hardy

Would Goku kill krillin?

NO! Goku is Krillan's best friend, he will never kill him. That's why goku turn super saiyan 1 when frizza kill krillan.

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it wil never come back...

Do you think MCU don’t let intentionally Super Heroes kill directly VillainsCaptain America, Ironman have killed many soldiers.However, they haven’t killed named villains directly. Do you think marvel studio gets around heroes killing villains?


How do you kill a super mutant?

Super mutants don't exist, so you can't kill them.

PlayStation 2 how do you do super cj?

kill him kill him kill him kill him kill him kill him

Why do you have heroes?

We have heroes so that they can save the day and so we can live safely and supervillians wont kill or fight us.

Do heroes initially kill villains?

No, the hero is the good guy so he tries NOT to kill anybody at all.

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never come on this websight again or I'll kill or hurt your famaile and freinds

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by lizzy a demon is a dark figure that torments you and might kill you but it never lived

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No, the unicorn appears just once, it never respawns

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