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ABC no longer broadcasts NFL games. ESPN (owned by ABC's parent company, Disney) took over Monday Night Football in 2006.

The Super Bowl wouldn't be broadcast on cable, so it's up to FOX/CBS/NBC to broadcast the game!

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ABC stopped airing Monday Night Football games after the 2005 season. The National Football League contract then went to ABC's sister cable network, ESPN. The last time ABC televised a Super Bowl game was on February 6, 2005 for Super Bowl XL between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks.

Coverage of the Super Bowl rotates among three of the networks that televise National Football League games -- FOX (which airs National Football Conference contests), CBS (American Football Conference contests) and NBC (Sunday Night Football). According to the latest NFL's broadcast agreement with the networks, each will televise three Super Bowls between 2014 and 2022.

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Q: How come ABC isn't in line for the Super Bowl?
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