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Cant cross it. includes stepping over it or reaching over it

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Q: How close can the defender be to the line when inbounding basketball?
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When in bounding the basketball is it legal to step on the out of bounds line as long as you do not break the plane?

No. No matter what, you can't step on the out of bounds line when inbounding.

Can the inbounding player cross the plane of the out of bounds line before making the pass if they do not touch a part of the court before passing the ball?

Yes. there are no "crossing the plane" rules in basketball. Its always about where your feet are touching the ground or where they were last touching the ground.

What is the base line in basketball?

The base line in basketball is the out of bounds line!

What happens if a defender kicks the ball over the goal line but not through the goal?

if a defender kicks it over the line where their goal it is a corner

When does a defender in soccer move up?

A defender in soccer moves up when the ball is close to the oposite net. If a striker from the other team stays back, one defender should stay to cover him. You could also try to make him offside by stepping up, but not past the halfway line.

Is the line in or out in basketball?

The line is out in basketball. If a player has the ball and his toe touches the line, he is out of bounds.

What is a three point line in basketball?

the line that goes around the basket in a curve close to the out of bounds. go to .... its the green line on the picture!!

What are the release dates for Public Defender - 1954 End of the Line - 2.35?

Public Defender - 1954 End of the Line - 2.35 was released on: USA: 28 April 1955

Where is the midcourt line in basketball?

The midcourt line in basketball exactly divides the basketball court into two equal sections. In the NBA the line is47 feet from each end line.

What is a free throw line in basketball?

A free throw line in basketball is the line where the players who are fouled get to shoot the ball.

In basketball where on the court is the 'key'?

It is the rectanglular shaped area close to the basket where the players line up around when shooting free throws.

What is PF in a basketball stats line?

In a basketball stat line, PF stands for Personal Fouls.

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