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look ugly

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Q: How can your son be a mascots of the club?
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How do you meet all the club penguin mascots?

you go to the town and say in capitals "I WANT TO MEET THE CLUB PENGUIN MASCOTS" and then you'll see people in a line and whoever has a mask is the club penguin mascot. P.S. There is 2 club penguin mascots

What is the LEGO club mascots name?

The name of the LEGO Club mascot is Max.

When and where should you go to meet Club Penguin mascots?

Mine con

How do you get cece and rocky outfits on club penguin?

You can't get the outfits of ANY mascots on club penguin currently.

What is candence email on Club Penguin?

She or any other mascots doesn't have e-mail.

Who are the mascots of club penguin?

Tigers and sometimes the rarely seen northern archepeiligo chinese dolphin

What are real penguin passwords?

There are no "real" penguins in club penguin. They are just called mascots and you can't get there password unless you work for club penguin.

Does cadence give you 50 coins when you see her in club penguin?

Nope. No mascots give you coins when you meet them.

Why do children walk out with the players?

These are just mascots of the club. Some are chosen each month to come out with the team.

How you will be fire sensei at club penguin free?

I am sorry but even if you pay, you can't get into any famous mascots' account on club penguin. It'll be best if it stays like that.

Where can you find MLB coloring pages?

You can click on the 'Kids Club' link below to access's Kids Club. A click on the 'Team Mascots' tab will give you the opportunity to download a page to print of the mascots for coloring. That is the area I know at the site ... there may be other links there that coloring pages can be downloaded.

Why do soccer players walk out with children?

It's done as a chance to give back to the younger fans of the club for their support. Most clubs have a junior supporters club from which they select the mascots

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