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medical mistakes

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Q: How can your child come out handicap?
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Do you have to pay child support longer for a handicap child?

For a severely disabled child, support often continues into the child's adulthood.

Can a US citizen petition his handicapped child from the Philippines to come over to the United States of America?

Yes you can petition a handicap child. You should be able though to show financially that he won't be a public burden.

If you average around 100 What is your golf handicap?

Unless they have come up with a new formula, your handicap would be around 28.

Can you adopt a handicap child over 30?

Yes, a dependent adult can be adopted.

What does it mean to accommodate a child with a disability?

Accommodate means take care of, and disability is some kind of handicap. Maybe a birth defect, maybe an injury. So it's about if you would be willing and able to care for a child with a handicap.

Can you file for a visa if you have a us handicap child?

hi my name is junaid i am handicap i want to visa for abroad for work how go to the ab rod plz saga's, me

Does a handicap child still receive child support after age 18 in sc?

Yes, but generally not past age 23.

Do a father get visitation after they stop paying child support at age 20 for a handicap child?

Visitation should not be dependent on child support. How would the child feel losing the parent? Keep that issue in front of the judge.

Does a handicap child still receive child support after age 18 in UT?

Yes, provided they are not getting SSI benefits off their parent's social security.

Can a cat scan make your unborn child a handicap?

No. That is just a rumor. If it was true (and you were pregnant) then your doctor would say something to you.

Come up to scratch?

This is an English expression which means to achieve the required standard There are several proposed origins of this idiom. There is the inspection mark that a master would scratch or stamp into a workpiece meanng, if the piece was of sufficient quality, it had come up to scratch. However, predating that explanation is the golfing handicap term. A player who has no handicap is a scratch golfer. A player of lesser quality, who uses the handicap system to be under par if you will, has (does) not come up to scratch.

Who has to be in the car for you to use a handicap license plate?

You have to be handicap or have somebody that is always going to be with you that is handicap