How can you win over a narcissist?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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a N. can be won over simply by finding what it is they want next. if it is something they are wanting they will be eating out of the palm of your hands. be sure it's something they truly desire. this can be a little tricky also. they are shrewd and suspicious and very paranoid.

AnswerWIN them OVER?!?!?!

If you're trying to "win over" a narcissist, maybe you don't fully understand what they are. They are users. They will use you for as long as they can -- if it suits their needs, lying, cheating, conning and manipulating to get wha they want. Then they will drop you when they are done and move on to the next source of "supply". As if you never existed.

Forget winning them over. You need to run. In the OPPOSITE direction of the Narcissist. And fast.

~ T

AnswerYou cant, that's why they are narcassists. They are way too manipulative and you cannot beat them at their own game. They never get tired of manipulating and playing their head games. The best thing is to just end the relationship and realise you were not in love with a real person. What you were in love with was the illusion they presented to you. They are empty shells. They have no heart. You cannot win over something that is not there. AnswerYou cant win over a N, they win you over. If you have ever known a true N, think about the contacts or relationships they have with others and how the N percieves these interactions. The only relationships Ns have are by design or need. If you do win an N over it is only because they are one step ahead of you and have plans in place for the relationship that eventuates. So don't think you have actually won over an N if you end up with one you have pursued. They are clever strategists who don't do anything for nothing.
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Q: How can you win over a narcissist?
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How do you win an argument with a narcissist?

just dont start it

Can a narcissist be friends with another narcissist?

Probably not, they would fight over mirror time. ;)

Can a victim triumph over a narcissist?

One can only be a victim of another person's narcissism if he or she allows it. The best way to deflate a narcissist is to make him appear boring or uninteresting to others. New Answer-Well i think that above answer is offensive for the victims!To begin with you dont know in the very beginning sometimes for months that you are not dealing with a person that cannot feel or relating to others as human! and no you cannot triumph over a narcissist only thing you can do is get out of the relationship if possible and please know you are not weak for believing them.YOU ONLY WIN IF YOU ARE A SURVIVOR AND FIGHT FOR WIN YOURSELF BACK !

How can you win a settlement in divorcing a narcissist?

By getting a good lawyer. Seriously, that's really the only thing that matters; the fact that YOU THINK your soon-to-be-ex is a narcissist is legally irrelevant.

How can you win your narcissist ex back if you still love him?

try not to change him learn to love the way that he is

What is a benign narcissist?

A benign narcissist is someone who achieves their self-serving goals in ways that don't damage other people. They don't typically try to use, exploit or control those around them for their own ends. A typical narcissist, however, works from the mindset of: "I win, and I don't care if you lose," or, "Your loss is my win." Everything with a typical narcissist is a zero sum game and they are impossible to have long term relationships with because they exploit the insecurities of others around them to feed their own egos.

If a narcissist ignores you what should you do?

You should ignore them back and be thankful you are not in their circle of victims. Get on with your life and don't fret over not getting attention from a narcissist.

What type narcissist stays with another abusive narcissist?

A borderline. Essentially a more emotionally reactive narcissist.

Will a narcissist destroy those who back them in corner over their lies?

They sure will TRY! Two words: NO CONTACT!

Will you get over your ex who is a narcissist?

Most people go through the heartache of losing someone they love whether they are a narcissist or not. Considering your ex is a narcissist you will begin to realize how lucky you were getting away from your ex. There is someone very special out there for you and fate has a way of forcing us down different roads of life to get something better in our lives. Hang on!

How do you use narcissist in a sentence?

He is a narcissistic jerk.

When was Win Us Over created?

Win Us Over was created in 2007-07.