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remove its legs or drive a car

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Q: How can you win a race against a cheetah?
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Who would win in a race a human or a cheetah?

Cheetahs are the fastest land animal, so they would win a race against a human.

Who would win a cheetah or wolf and why?

According to the site provided in the Related Links area, it does not say who will win, but, I believe the wolf might win against a cheetah in a fight, but not in a race.

Would a jaguar win or a cheetah?

Cheetahs cant even win against a leopard, which are smaller and weaker than a jaguar, but in a race the cheetah would winn easily.

What would win out of a fight bear or cheetah?

In an all-out fight (not race) a bear would win. In a race of speed, obviously the cheetah would win.

Who would win in a long race an ostrich or a cheetah?


Who would win a cheetah or a Jaguar?

a cheetah, in a race, but in a fight a jaguar would destroy a cheetah. If a cheetah cant winn against a leopard thats smaller than a jaguar, theres no contest.

Who would win a race between a cheetah and a dolphin?

The Cheetah,i think

Who would win in a race between a dolphin and cheetah?

This is likely a trick question, if they are racing on land, the cheetah will win, and if they are racing in water then the dolphin will win. If this is not a trick question, and you are comparing the linear speed of the average dolphin and cheetah, then the cheetah would likely win in a short race (50m or less), while the dolphin would take the lead after the cheetah stops running at full speed.

What would win a cheetah or a cougar?

If you mean in a race, a Cheetah would win. in a fight cougar hands down

Who would win in a race between a panther and a cheetah?

A cheetah, as it is the fastest of all land animals.

A cheetah or a tiger?

if they were to race the cheetah would win but if they were to fight the tiger would win

Who would win in a race between a cheetah a panther a jaguar and a leopard?

A cheetah, as it is the fastest land animal.

Which anamal is Bryan habana compared to?

Bryan habana had a race against a cheetah. Cheetah is the fastest land mammal on earth and Bryan wanted the title. It was a charity race

If a tiger and cheetah were fighting who would win?

The cheetah would have no chance against the larger, more powerful tiger.

If there were animals in the 100m Olympics race who would win?

A cheetah. They have been clocked at 120MPH

Do dogs run faster then a cheetah?

In a short race the cheetah would win. However, cheetahs do not have much endurance so the dog wins a loner race.

If a cheetah would race a gibbon who would win?

Cheetah..Gibbons are not that fast on the ground..Humans can outrun them..Humans can outrun any ape on the ground.

Can it be that a cheetah and a man race and the man wins?

that is highly unlikely i know because i did a report on cheetahs when i was younger A rugby player actually raced a cheetah and won but he had a head start against it his name was habana

Who would win a cheeda or a lion?

In a race, a cheetah would obviously win, but in nature animals don't usually race, and if a cheetah were trying to outrun a lion to escape, a lion has more endurance and thus may be able to catch up to the cheetah. In a fight where the cheetah is unable to flee, lions usually win and kill the cheetah. However, there are definitely exceptions to the rule. As shown on an episode of Animal Planet's series "Big Cat Diaries," a mother cheetah was with her cubs when a lion came. The cheetah stood her ground as the lion approached, and then she charged the lion. The lion ran away, and none of the cheetah family were harmed.

Who would win a race of 2 miles a cheetah or a wolf?

Wolf. Cheetahs are sprinters, not distance runners.

Who would win in a race between a wolf vs cheetah?

the cheetah would win a short distance race but in a long distance race the wolf would dominate, wolves can run full speed for 2o minutes straight at 35mph. cheetahs over heat very quickly after sprinting at 70mph and can sprint for only about 1000 yards

What is the ratio of a cheetah to a Formula 1 race car?

A cheetah is around 250 kmh slower than a Formula One car. The cheetah would only win if the Formula One car was travelling slowly.

What are the release dates for Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom - 2002 Cheetah Race Against Time 3-2?

Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom - 2002 Cheetah Race Against Time 3-2 was released on: USA: 13 March 2005

Who would win in a race between a greyhound and cheetah?

The cheetah, at least in a fairly short race. A greyhound's top speed is between 35 and 40 mph, while the big cat can hit speeds in excess of 60 mph.

Who would win a cheetah or jaguar or a cougar?

A cheeta would loose against a cougar as well as a Jaguar, and the Cougar would lose about 70% of the time with a jaguar. The Jagaur is the biggest, and the Cougar is the middle, and the cheetah is last, and would be lucky to win against a cougar.

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