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Yes, I think you can, and there are a lot of good ways for you watch online, and the best ay is to just buy a satellite TV software

I watch live NCAA Football games online all the time using my internet TV software.

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Download and install Satellite tv sofetware on your PC, you could watch College Football games and thousands of worldwide TV channels like ABC, NBC, Fox, ESPN ... live online legally, comfortably and in good quality.

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No where now. If you have Verizon, Time Warner, or Comcast cable you can log into ESPN3 and catch certain games. Right now the media companies are too stupid and too stuck in old paradigms to deliver what the consumer needs. For about the price we pay for one cell and data plan we should be provided with 4G LTE Broadband to the devices we choose to associate with our family account, cell phone, tablets, cable box, every PC and laptop, even your car stereo. Media content should then be provided in tiers. The base tier included with your base broadband service should feature all the base cable channels (40 or 80 channels) streamed to any device on the account as well as on demand video similar to Netflix streaming. Higher tiers include more channels and new "DVD" releases streamed.

It is just a matter of time before our current mess evolves into something useful.

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Q: How can you watch college football games live online?
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ESPN has a specific online channel, called Longhorn Network, that is devoted to coverage of the University of Texas and their football team. Longhorn Network includes the capabilities to watch games live.

How do you watch football online without any personal information?

You can watch the major games on it's free and no need to register

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Finding your favorite college football team on television can be difficult, especially if you aren't in that team's television market. Watching the games at a bar every weekend can get expensive.

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