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you will feel a small lump in the middle of your breast

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Q: How can you tell your breast are growing?
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How do you know when your breast are growing?

one way to tell if your breast are growing is when u start to feel them hurt and like somethings pushing on the inside of it. also if someone sits on them it will hurt and so you'll know their growing.

Im only a teen still growing can breast soarness be growing?

Breast soreness can occur as a result of growing until the mid-20s or so.

What does it mean for ones breast to be tender and sore?

it means that your breast is growing!! one may start growing first, but it will even out in a while.

Itchy breast and enlarge breast are you pregnant?

no it means that yhour breast are growing but if your between 10 and 13

Does coffee stop your breast from growing?


Why do my breast hurt?

it's growing.

Do your breast stop growing when you get your period?


Why does your breast bud hurt?

its because its growing

Can your breast start growing in your twenties?

Generally, no.

How do you stop your breast from growing when your 11?

you don't

If your breast itches does it mean there growing?


What is it if you are hurting under your breast?

Your breasts are growing

Why does it feel like there's a disk in my breast?

sweetie it means your groaning it's a good thng. If you continue to feel it and not growing tell your mom or see a doctor

Why my Breast is itching and the skin peeling?

Because they are growing.

What can i do to stop my breast from growing?

Nothing. It's genetic.

Why does breast hurt?

Your period may beggining or they are growing

If your breast's don't hurt anymore have they stopped growing?

nope, mine dont hurt and they are still growing

How girls mature?

Girls mature by starting their periods, growing breast, and growing hair on certain places.

What are signs that your breast are growing?

You will devolope a round hard bump under both your nipples called a breast bud

Does any oil massage help in growing breast massage?


What age does the breast stop growing?

When you are a mature adult at the minumum.

PeterPlease when will breast grow?

exactly when penis start growing

What does it mean if the bone under your breast hurts?

Your chest is growing

What are 2 examples of a Physical Changes?

growing breast, puberty.

Why do breast hurt when touched?

Because you either have cancer,pregnancy,or your breast are growing. Don't worry just consult your doctor.