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Look at this website There are 4 versions in all I think! The original, a reprint in 1966, reprint in 1970 and another reprint in 1999

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Q: How can you tell the difference between an original 1966 World Cup Final program and a reprint?
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Is the difference between a Topps card and Topps Archive just a reprint of the original?

A Topps Archive is a reprint of the original.

How can you tell the difference between an original 1999 champions league final program and a reprint?

I think te reprint is probably more modern than the 1999 one.

What is the difference between original and reprinted football cards?

A Reprint is a card that is a reproduction of an original, usually more expensive card or set. Reprints are usually issued years after the original card was issued.

What is the difference between the original and the reprint of a Wayne Gretzky rookie card?

There are very minor differences between an original card & reprint card...getting the card grades by a top tiered grading company is your best bet to distinguish between the & better reprints are being printed everyday & making it that much harder to tell any differences...

Can reprint world war 1 posters have a copyright?

An exact reprint would not be protected, because there is no original expression.

Value of 1911 t-205 reprint set in original box?

Depending on the condition, between $45 and $75.

What is value on a 1927 Sears Roebuck catalogue reprint?

Nothing to about 10.00 for a reprint. It isn't original and an book merchant might buy it .

Why is 563 mickey mantle considered a reprint card?

1997 Topps Mickey Mantle 1960 reprint 563The original Topps Mickey Mantle card number 563 was issued in 1960. In 1997 Topps issued a reprint of the 1960 Topps Mickey Mantle card.

Do you have phage the untouchable?

Yes, thank you. I have a foil version of her original Legions print, and I also have her reprint from 10th edition.

When was The Reprint Society created?

The Reprint Society was created in 1939.

How can you tell if your first edition of easy rider magazine is a reprint or not?


What is an autograph reprint?

It is when you get someone's autograph, but it was just a copy of it so its not the original so in autograph collecting, they call it reprints, instead of copies.

What is the value of Bessie pease gutmann prints?

Depends if it is an original or reprint. I suggest going to the local library and doing some research.

When was Augustan Reprint Society created?

Augustan Reprint Society was created in 1946.

What is a 1900 Sears and Roebuck catalog worth?

Make sure it is not a reprint, these are common, but an original can be worth 25.00 to 40.00. The condition is a factor, too.

What is the difference between a reprint or original Topps Mickey Mantle card?

The 1996 Topps Mantle Finest Refractors reads on the back: "Mickey Mantle Commemorative set card # of 19" it also has a copyright 1996 the Topps company inc. The other 1996 Topps cards have a set logo on the front. The 1991 Topps Archives reads archives on the back.

Is a card insert the same as a reprint card?

A card insert is the same as a reprint card.

I lost my original w2. Can you file a return with a reprint W2?

It does not matter if you file with your original W2 or not. As long as you have a copy of the W2, that is all that is needed. If you file online, you do not even need to send your W2 in.

Can you legally reprint a newspaper article?

no you can not reprint it unless you had special permission but even then it would be fake.

How do you reprint a comic book cover in the same size it was originally printed in?

It is very easy to reprint a comic book cover in its original size. You can take measurements on a ruler and then use the scale available on programs like Adobe Photoshop to create a print in exact same size.

Is the original 1954 reprint of the book of the dead still available and where can it be purchased?

=I think it can be purchased but I am not sure where and it will cost alot because it is old.==I hope I helped!=

How can you tell if you have a real or reprint maurice Richard rookie card?

on any reprint it will have the year it was reprintedon the back of the card is small type on the side or bottom. If its laminated, dead givaway its a reprint.

Value of a nolan Ryan rookie reprint?

What's the value of a 1968 Nolan Ryan rookie reprint

Was there a swastika on the Hindenburg?

Yes. The Hindenburg had swastikas on its vertical tail fins.I have a reprint of a picture of the Hindenburg with the Olympic rings and swastikas made from an original glass negative.

How much is reprint of solid comfort by William Lippincott painting worth?

i looking for the same answer but what i found is $20 but if it was original it could be worth up to 125 thousand