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Authentic Taylor Made Golf clubs have a serial number on the hosel of each wood and on the 5-iron or the 7-iron in each set of irons.

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Q: How can you tell if your taylormade irons are authentic?
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The loft of taylormade burner irons 09?

The Taylormade website will give you full details.

What are the lofts of taylormade burner irons?

The Taylormade website will have full information on club specs.

What are the specs for taylormade r7 irons?

Go to the Taylormade website and look under vintage clubs.

What is the loft in degrees of taylormade irons?

piching wedge

What is the difference between a Taylormade R7 iron and an R9 iron?

Taylormade R7 irons became available in 2004. Taylormade R9 irons were introduced in 2010. R9 irons allow one to hit the golf ball much farther than the R7 iron.

What are the best golf clubs on the market?

taylormade tp irons and taylormade r11 with titleist 910df woods

What irons does ken perry use?

Currently Kenny Perry uses Taylormade r7 irons.

What tip size does the taylormade R7 tp irons have?


WHen were Taylormade Burner irons introduced?

The TaylorMade Burner cavity-back iron was introduced in 2009, according to the Innovation History timeline of the TaylorMade website.

Where can one purchase TaylorMade Burner irons online?

TaylorMade Burner irons can be purchased from a couple of different online sources. You can buy them directly from the TaylorMade webpage. They're also available on sites like eBay and Global Golf.

What degree is a taylormade pitching wedge?

It depends which set of irons it is in. Generally Taylormade pitching wedges are 48 degrees.

What are the lofts of the tp forged irons?

See the Taylormade website, they may be under vintage clubs. If you cannot find the TP forged, the lofts will be the same as any other Taylormade irons.

The loft of taylormade R7 irons?

Please see related links.

What are the lofts for the taylormade cgb irons?

Please see related link.

What year did the TaylorMade R11 irons become available for purchase?

The TaylorMade R11 irons golf clubs were first available in October 2011. They have a rating of 4.6 out of 5 by golfers who have purchased and used them.

Where is the best place to get Taylormade TP irons?

There are a variety of places where one can purchase TaylorMade TP irons but the best option would be from the Taylor Made website as it would offer the best selection. One can also find these irons available on sites such as Amazon and eBay.

How heavy are taylormade burner 2009 irons?

To be honest, weight is probably one of the least relevant measurements in irons. They are basically standard.

What is the value of a new set of TaylorMade irons?

It really depends on what series of TaylorMade irons you are thinking of buying. I have seen them range anywhere from 699-1299.

What is the shaft diameater of taylormade 320 irons?

If they're steel shaft Rifle Flighted then .600"

What are the Most popular irons on the PGA tour?

What is the most popular irons used on the PGA tour ANSWER: I think it's the Taylormade R1 and Callaway drivers..

What TaylorMade Golf items can be purchased online with free shipping in Australia?

Depending on what items one is looking for, there are a variety of TaylorMade Golf items that can be purchased with free shipping in Australia. If looking for irons, TaylorMade R11 Driver, TaylorMade R1 Driver, TaylorMade R1 Fairway wood, and TaylorMade Rocketballz RBZ Stage 2 Fairway wood.

What is the degree of loft for taylormade 360 irons?

See Taylormade website, under vintage clubs. To be honest though, they will be the exact same as any current TM iron.

What is in sergio's golf bag?

See related link. He now uses Taylormade R9 TP irons and Taylormade Penta TP ball, and the putter varies from week to week.

How does one know Ping irons are authentic?

You know Ping Irons are authentic by looking at the hosel. It should have a serial number. Then contact Ping and ask for the specs from the serial number.

What are the lofts on Taylor made os rac irons?

Go to the Taylormade website and look under vintage clubs.