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if it says that it is on the bat. Most of the time they do not make fake authentic bats. YOU WOULD CERTAINLY BE ABLE TO TELL IF IT WAS FAKE. its not something that you just wouldn't notice, youd definitely know, because all the fake bats look REALLY FAKE.

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Q: How can you tell if it is an authentic major league bat?
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How heavy a bat can you use in Major League Baseball?

There are no restrictions to the weight of a bat used by a major league batter. However, the bat may be no longer than 42 inches.

Does the pitcher in a Major League Baseball game get to hit?

There are two leagues in American major league baseball, the American League and the National League. The American League has the designated hitter rule which allows for someone other than the pitcher to bat in the pitcher's place. The pitcher does not bat in the American League. The National League does not have the designated hitter rule. The pitcher does bat in the National League.

Who do bat boys work for the major league team or stadium?


How long is an average Major League Baseball at bat?

6 games

How long on average is a major league baseball bat?

123 cm

What is the best Major League Baseball bat?

louisville slugger 32

What is a mako bat?

A Mako bat is a neon orange/green composite bat that is best for little league or major little league. It has great pop and sweet spot is 2/3 of the barrel

How do you get to be bat boy for a major league baseball team?

show that you do very well to the coach and he will let you bat. maybe not.

What is the average age of Major League Baseball Bat boys?

No one younger than 14 is allowed to be a Major League Bat Boy. However, the average is about 18. Anyone between 14 and 25 can apply.

What is the highest pitch count for an at bat in major league baseball?

It was 26 pitches

What is a Louisville slugger?

It is a brand of Baseball bat (originally wooden) that is manufactured by Louisville Slugger. It is the official bat of the Major League Baseball.

Which major league baseball bat manfacturer suppkies the most bats?

Louisville Slugger