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left down up right same time

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eat my hot dog

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Q: How can you spin in raid air basketball?
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How do you run on air raid basketball?

crash the ball on top while above the net

How can you put air raid in English?

Air Raid.......

What does ARP stand for?

Air Raid Precautions

How do you spin a basketball?

with your finger

What spin helps a basketball go in the net?

Backwards spin

What were children supposed to do if they heard a air-raid?

Go to an air raid shelter

How do you dunk in air raid basketball?

press thesse buttons move to the right + run move to the right again and jump and hold the up key

What was another name for The Raid of Reprisal?

air raid

What is the duration of Air Raid Wardens?

The duration of Air Raid Wardens is 1.12 hours.

How do you get an air raid in battlefield 1943?

Go in the air raid shelter on each map

Is air raid a compound word?

Yes because you spell it like this air raid

World War 2 air raid what meaning?

air raid sirens would signal there was going to be an air attack when this happened people would cram into air raid shelters