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put it in the microwave also try a packet of crisps it goes all shrivelled and tiny

Turn your oven to 300 degrees and put hat in. notice that the hat must have soaked in water for ten minutes before it enters the oven. Leave the hat in for 30 minutes. Take it out and wet in again. Just a sprinkle the second time. Put it on for half an hour then bam there you go. And dont forget to be naked while you are doing it.

If the hat has any plastic it will melt in the oven, even when wet.

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What is it made of? If it is a wool felt, no you will ruin it. Most hats you can't shrink, but here is an idea put in a false head band inside the hat so it will fit your head.

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Q: How can you shrink a mesh baseball hat?
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Where can one find more information about mesh hats?

Mesh hats are similar to baseball style hats/caps, except the back of the hat is made of a mesh material. Information on these hats can be found at sites such as Mesh Hat, Zazzle, and Polyvore.

Can you shrink an under armor hat?

You can indeed shrink a cotton baseball hat. If you wash the hat in very hot water and then dry it under the warmest safe setting it will shrink.

Is dippers hat supposed to be mesh?


How do you shink a hat?

The answer to your question is also a question: Why would you want to shrink a hat?!

How do you shrink a 97 cotton fitted hat?

To shrink my hats i pull out the loose thread

Can you shrink an old fitted hat that has become to big?

if its cotton then it should work

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A form for baseball hats that a person can use in the dishwasher to wash baseball hats?

I would not recommend washing your hat in the dish washer because it can ruin the dishwasher! if you do not want to shrink the cap then put it in the washer and then hang to dry!!! Do not wash your hat in any machine. It will ruin the bill. Wash it by hand in the sink, use a little brush. And keep the bill as dry as possible.

Is a trucker's hat higher on the top than a baseball hat?


Can you shrink a Harris Tweed new era cap by a few cm 3-5cm Also can you shrink the front panel as well and is there a shop which can do it for you in the UK?

You can shrink or have a Harris Tweed hat hemmed down a few centimeters in order to have a better fit on your head. Your best bet is to try washing and drying it in the dryer first, but be prepared to have the hat come out a little too small.

What types of caps do truck drivers wear?

The types of caps that truck drivers wear slightly resembles a baseball cap. The section above the cap's bill is made of foam, whereas the back half of the hat is made of plastic mesh for breathability.

What player wear?

cups Baseball socks baseball pants hat jersey and cleats