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Q: How can you send a get well card to Derek?
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If a sister-in-law dies is it etiquette to send the other sister and brother a sympathy card?

Well you should still send them a nice card even though you aren't blood related. If you send them a card it shows that you care and you are sorry.

How do you send a greetings get well to person?

You can go onto, choose a get well card, and send it to a friend on their e-mail address. Or, you can make one.

What might you send to people who buy a house with no water?

A get well soon card

Do you send thank you cards when receiveing cards of encouragement?

You can send a thank you card to the person that send you a card of encouragement. The thank you card is to say that the card they send you was great and that it did help.

Is it necessary to send thank you notes for every get well card received?

It is usually ok to not send them a thank you card back because they are doing it to show they care, although you can if you really want to.

Well Derek Jetter train car go up after retiring?

Derek Jeter's training card will probably go up in value when he retires. Most athletes have their cards rise in value when they retire.

Can you send cheryl cole a get well soon card?

i guess you can but you have to know all that information about her

How late is to late to send a sympathy card?

Well, if you mean how long after a death you should send there card...then I would say no longer than one week. If it is a month or two before you send it, the receiver might think you forgot:/

Where do you send a check for clubpenguin?

=I dont think that you can send a check to clubpenguin, what i did is use a credit card, all you do is put your credit card number in the space and takes the money from the card or from the bank. well i hope that i answered your question!==sincerely yours,==unknown=

Do you need to thank a person everytime you get a greeting card?

No, you do not have to send a Thank You Card for a card you received, but it would be nice if the person lives in the same town as you to phone them and thank them. If they live out of town then send them an email and thank them for thinking of you.

Do you send a thank you card for funeral mass cards?

No, it is not necessary to send a Thank You Card for a a funeral mass card.

How much is a rookie derek fisher card worth?