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PF can stand for Personal Fouls or Points For. If you see it listed next to PA then it means Points For. In that case, Personal Fouls will be listed as F, or Fouls.

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Q: How can you say PF in the stats of basketball stands for personal fouls when it is always compared with PA which is Points Allowed?
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What does points allowed mean in basketball?

Points allowed means how many points your opponent scores in a game.

What does the PF and PA in basketball stats mean?

In basketball stats, PF means "Personal Foul". PF also means "Power Forward", a position on a basketball team.If you are looking at NBA standings, PF means "Points For", or how many points a team is averaging, and PA means "Points Against", or how many points they are allowing.

Who is the highest personal score in basketball?

100 points, made by Wilt Chamberlain

How many players are allowed inside the D in basketball?

it is 2 points you specials :D

What are rules for quotient system in basketball?

The quotient system is used when there is a tie. It adds up the points scored by each team and divided by the total amount of points allowed.

What are the points in basketball?

two points a shot

What does pa stand for in baseball?

Plate appearances

What are the average points in a basketball game?

About 19 points in the YMCA. In college maybe 50-70 points. And the NBA (National Basketball Association) is about 97 points The above answer is only half correct. In fact, Kobe Bryant, a great basketball player only averages 24.6-30.0 ppg (points per game)

Why do you need basketball hoops?

Basketball hoops are need to score points when playing basketball.

What is a point called in basketball?

In basketball you score points, not goals.

Who scored the most points in the olympic of 2012 basketball for u.s.a?

Basketball who in the 2012 olympic games scored the most points

Who are purdues all time basketball scoring leaders?

Rick Mount 2323 points. There was no three point line and freshman were not allowed to play varsity. His freshman year he averaged 45 points a game in the JV league