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You can do whatever you like to your boots and bindings, buy i want you, do not paint the blade, this will result in you not being able to sharpen, skate, or de-burr your skates properly. It's best to just leave them the way they are!!

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โˆ™ 2009-12-15 13:49:49
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Q: How can you paint your ice skate blades?
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What are the raw materials in ice skate blades?


How do you take blades off ice skates?

well, ice skates are custom made in a factory and they are spacial made, you actually can't take blades off ice skates because the they screw the blades on the ice skate and then they turn them upside down and there is no way to take blades off ice skates. but instead of doing that you can buy ice skates at and ice rink near you, there is a sho inside every ice skate rink place!

Which olympic sport uses the longest ice skate blades?

speed skating

Who was the first person to ice skate?

We do not know much about the first person to skate on ice. We know that the steel blades used in ice skating were invented by someone in Holland in the 12th or 13th century, but we do not know precisely where, when, or by whom.

What type of simple machine are ice skate blades?

It is an inclined plane.

Can you attach figure skate blades to hockey skate boots?


What do people sell in a skate shop?

skate boards roller blades helmets skis ice skates

Why are ice skates different than the other kinds of skates?

Ice skates are different because they have blades on them and they are designed differently than per Se roller skates. Roller skates have more padding and have wheels on them, while figure skates have blades on them. If one wanted to compare a figure skate to a hockey skate, for example, a hockey skate does not have toe-picks while a figure skate does. Hope this helps :)

What are soft covers on ice skates?

they are a soft type of a covers that go on top of skate blades so they don't cut you

How do you say ice skate in spanish?

To ice skate is patinar.

Could you ice skate on Antarctica?

Can you ice skate in antartica

What sport uses a blade?

Boating In the sports of skating and ice hockey, skate blades are part of the athletes equipment.

Where do you go to get an ice skate?

you can get an ice skate at a skate shop like skaters edge>

How thick should ice be to ice skate?

three inches to safely skate on ice.

How many inches should the ice be when you ice skate?

4 or more inches of ice for you to ice skate on it.

Can you ice skate in Alaska?

Yes. You can ice skate in Alaska. You can ice skate on ponds in Alaska because in the winter most if not all the ponds freeze over. So to answer your question, yes you can ice skate in Alaska

Why do ice skates have smooth blades?

So that you can balance and skate with accuracy, skates that aren't smooth (unsharpened) can be dangerous when doing jumps etc.

Are there any safe hockey skates that cant cut people?

The blades on hockey skates are only as sharp as the wearer has honed them. Professional ice skates (hockey skates included) are very sharp and are honed after every session. If there is contact, the blades can cut flesh. Guards are put on the blades immediately after coming off the ice. Blades that are dull are not as fast on the ice. Being cut with the blade of a hockey skate is not a primary concern of athletes.

How do ice skaters glide so smooth across the ice?

The weight of a skater is concentrated in the thin blades of the skate, which exert enough pressure on the ice to cause some of it to melt. The water then lubricates the skate, which moves almost frictionlessly across the ice. Even without lubrication, ice tends to be quite slippery. So as long as the skater can remain balanced, the movement is quite smooth.

Who was the President that liked to ice skate?

Not that I know of, but Condolezza Rice did learn to ice skate.

How many people in California ice skate?

How many people ice skate in California

What do ice skaters skate on?

On ice

How do you make your sims ice skate on a frozen pond sims 2 seasons?

you cannot ice skate Actually i think you can but i do not think you can ice skate on ponds. hope this helps you!

Can a sumo wrestler ice skate?

if they know how to skate...

Sharpest ice skate blade?

The sharpness of the blade has nothing to do with the skate itself, but rather the person that sharpens it. Skates are usually sharpened once a month at Ice Hockey rinks with sharpeners, so it doesn't matter which skate you buy unless you buy a skate with the new T-Blade System. The T-Blade System sells blades separate from the boot, so you can choose both the sharpness and length of the blade.