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You can't really "learn" to jump higher. You can learn the right technique to jumping and develop stornger leg muscles, but you can't learn to jump higher.

Learning to jump higher is a continuous process. You have to train daily for a period of six months to a year to see significant results. Develop your leg muscles and make them stronger. Make jumping a habit and do as many jumps as your body can handle regularly.( Remember do not overdo. It will only cause trouble) Watch some people in your area who jump higher. See what they do. Make friends and exercise with them. This will be very helpful. Don't just get carried away with the exercises, you must also take healthy and nutritious food along with a good 8 hour sleep daily. Improve yImprove your flexibility. The athletes and dancers who can make the most powerful jumps are the ones with total body flexibility. Think about it. If you're jumping over a hurdle, it helps to be able to swing your leading leg wherever you want it to go so that you can maximize the momentum of your jumpour flexibility. The athletes and dancers who can make the most powerful jumps are the ones with total body flexibility. Think about it. If you're jumping over a hurdle, it helps to be able to swing your leading leg wherever you want it to go so that you can maximize the momentum of your jump Strengthen your inner abs. Just because they don't make a six-pack doesn't mean you should neglect your inner abs (the transverse abdominal wall). They play a key role in every power movement, including jumping.[ Strengthen your dorsi-flexors. These muscles are used to decrease the angle between your foot and your leg (when you bring your toes closer to your shins). When you're jumping, you actually need to opposite motion (plantarflexion, the same motion as when you push down on the pedal when driving) to push off of the ground. So why strengthen your dorsi-flexors? Because each set of muscles is only as strong as its opposing set. Your ability to push your foot down will be limited by your ability to pull your foot up, because the dorsi-flexors act as stabilizers Work out your toes. You might think that the only people who need to work out their toes are Ballet dancers, but the fact is that your toes add to the pushing power of your feet

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Q: How can you learn to jump higher?
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