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To learn to be a switch hitter the most important thing, is being able to hit effectivley from the side that you're used to first. Which means if you bat left, make sure you can hit for a good average left, before trying anything from the right side of the plate. Second, I myself am a switch hitter. The biggest thing that helped me in the beginning was watching games and watching the way the pros who bat left handed swung the bat. From there I just did what they did, and eventually you fall into you're own style. But if you're batting Swich make sure however you bat it's comfrable for you.

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Q: How can you learn to be a switch hitter?
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Switch Hitter was created on 2005-01-16.

Who is a famous switch hitter?

Mickey mantle is the greatest switch hitter to ever live

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What is a 'switch hitter' in baseball?

A switch hitter is someone in baseball who can swing the bat both ways either with their left or right hand.

Was Babe Ruth a switch-hitter?

No.. Babe Ruth was a left handed hitter

Was Joe DiMaggio a switch hitter?

No, he was a righthanded batter.

In baseball can a batter hit lefty and righty in the same at bat?

A batter that can hit right handed and left handed is called a switch hitter.

When did baseball legend Mickey Mantle learn to be a switch hitter?

As a youth, Mickey Mantle was a natural right handed baseball player. His father began teaching Mantle the game of baseball at an early age. By the time he was in third grade, his father had taught him to hit as a lefty. From that point on Mantle was a switch hitter, meaning he could bat from either side of home plate.

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