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There are several drills and activities you can do to improve your volleys. The key is to work on your reaction time and volley technique. Following are two drills that may help to improve your volleys. Many people think that volleys should always be hit hard. This is not the case. A soft, extreme sharp angled following can be very powerful. So work on volley finesse. This will help to add more then one type of volley in your game and keep your opponent guessing. Stand at the doubles alley of the ad side of the court. Yes, you are on the outside alley line. Have a partner stand directly across the net from you. Your hitting partner will face you and be ready to hit some volleys! Begin a rally by hitting volleys back and forth to each other as you shuffle horizonatlly across the court. Stop when you reach the other alley. Try to get across the court without messing up. Do this drill for your backhand as well. Finesse is important, but quick hands are a must. John McEnroe is known for his "quick hands" and awesome volleys. He can read his opponent's shots and reacts like lightning to their shots. To begin this drill, start on the

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Q: How can you improve your volleys in tennis?
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What do you call a tennis shot?

The name for a generic shot in tennis is a stroke. Strokes include forehands, backhands, volleys, drop shots, lobs, approach shots, serves, returns, groundstrokes, half-volleys, lob volleys, overheads, etc.

Do tennis players have long volleys?

yes thay do

What are the names of types of volleys in tennis?

Long for man

What are four basic shots in tennis?

Forehand, backhand, serve, and volleys.

What does Volleys in tennis mean?

A volley in tennis refers to when a player hits a ball without the ball bouncing; this usually takes place when a player stands close to the net.

When is the shake-hands grip used in tennis?

For serves, volleys, slices, overheads, or certain ways of hitting ground strokes

What are 10 words that have to do with tennis?

Serve, ace, smash, forehand, backhand, volleys, slice, top-spin, doubles, singles.

How many strokes are there in tennis?

2, forehand and backhand. There are other shots though too like volleys, serves, overhead, and dropshots.

Is there a difference between half volley and rising shot in tennis?

Yes Half volleys are usually around the service line and don't have to be hit rising, it's like what you would do in mini tennis rising shots can be hit from anywhere, mostly deep though and you hit them harder than half volleys with spin

Anyone know how to get better at tennis during winter when there arent any indoor practice places available?

you can play table tennis/ping pong it improves your volleys and controlling and making power.

Word for a tennis shot played from any part of the court after the ball has bounced?

I believe you are referring to "volley." A person serves and then volleys.

How would a biologist help improve a tennis players performance?

A biologist could study the tennis players performance and think of ways to improve their performance. Because they study living things, such as humans... they can suggest ways tennis players can improve.

How do you improve your table tennis?

Keep playing it over and over again and you find that your reaction speeds improve, your technique will begin to improve. You will also "improve" as you get more used to the table tennis bat. Some bats have more rebound than others etc

Why do people like volley?

In tennis you don't particularly like volleys it is a shot played at the net. It is ussually the most threatened shot to a person playing because it can be a ball which is hard to get to.

What are the advantages of playing table tennis?

The advantages of playing table tennis are numerous. First, it is athletically enhancing. If you have volleys of fast spikes and crazy dives, you will begin to break out a sweat. Second, your reflexes and hand-eye coordination become quicker and more refined. Thirdly, table tennis is a very fun and enjoyable game. Finally, anyone can play table tennis anywhere.

What makes a good tennis doubles team?

Two accomplished and aggressive players who are always closing to the net and communicating well. Both players must have solid ground strokes, a powerful serve, and fluid volleys.

What is the plural of volley?

The plural of volley is volleys.

How much did volleys cost in 1929?


Why did they improve tennis balls?

They improved tennis balls because when the hand hand hit it, it would hurt. So they made the balls softer for people.

How much are volleys at the moment and are rabens available at Campsie shopping centre?

volleys are at a reasonable price and at some stores cheat, rabens cost a bit more.

Will stiga table tennis improve your hand eye coordination?

Stiga table tennis is a great way to improve hand eye coordination. As a matter of fact, President Obama purchased one. This is a great item to share with your family and friends.

What is a general description of tennis?

Tennis is a sports game, that for women consists of 2 out of 3 sets, (whoever gets to 6 first). For men 3 out of 5 sets. The game consists of forehands, backhands, volleys, serves, and many more categories that follow under each. It can be played with 2 or 1 person/s.

Are volleys still used to set a spike?


How can you improve your skill in tennis like a website would help?

you can practice the skills your coach had taught you

Are volleys still used to set spikes?

Yes volleys has been used to set spikes and other set ups since 1896, and is still used for set ups today.