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There are few different things you can do to improve your groundstrokes quickly. First practice as much as possible. The more you are out on the tennis court the better. Practice several days a week if you can. Take a lesson or weekly lessons from a tennis professional. They can help to identify your strengths and weaknesses. They will also demonstrate stroke techniques that you can do to improve your groundstrokes. Hit with a tennis partner. Practice creating long rallies and don't worry about playing a match. Hit with a ball machine if you can't find a partner. You can get a great workout hitting with a ball machine. You can adjust the angle, speed, and trajectory of the ball. You can also modify the time period between each ball. Hit against a tennis wall or even your own garage. Your reaction time will improve as you slug away on your driveway. Watch professional tennis players on television. Note how they hit the ball and try to mimic that on the tennis court. Videotape yourself so you can really see how you hit your groundstrokes.

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Q: How can you improve your groundstrokes quickly?
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