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you can improve by sit-ups push-ups and lifting weights also running

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Q: How can you improve on your role as sports prefect?
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A manifesto for a sport prefect?

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Why do you think the role of prefect is important at school?

The role of a prefect is important at school as they help maintain discipline, set a positive example for other students, and assist teachers with various tasks. Prefects can also act as a bridge between students and faculty, fostering a sense of community and responsibility among the student body.

What is a prefect for kids?

A prefect is usually an older child chosen for their mature attitude and as a role model for younger children

How does the utility prefect and the assistant work together to improve the school?

unility and assistant uses math AI so they can improve shcool

How do you improve your performance in sports?

Work Harder

Can sesame oil improve sports performance?

no it can not

Why do you deserve to be a prefect?

I deserve to be a prefect because, I want to proof myself to be a better person and change my attitude from a big spoiled child to a person that can lead. Being a prefect doesn't mean that you have the power to control their life or shout at them for no apparent reason. Wearing a green uniform is a big role model to all the students. Prefect also must have to respect teachers and students and at the same time, they will respect you.

What is the importance of being a prefect?

Being a prefect is important because it allows you to develop leadership skills, gain experience in managing others, and contribute positively to your school or community. It also provides you with opportunities to make a difference and be a role model for your peers.

How can you improve your MILo Summer Sports Clinics?


How can you improve confidence in sports?

Stop being unconfined.

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The role of sports in nation building?

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