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You may get tickets to the Colorado Rockies game by going to the Colorado Rockies official website. It shows prices for tickets and the location for the upcoming Colorado Rockies games.

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Q: How can you get tickets to the Colorado Rockies game?
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Can tickets for the Colorado Rockies be purchased online?

Tickets can be bought for the Colorado Rockies online. Suggestions of where to purchase tickets for the Colorado Rockies are directly through the Colorado Website, Ticket Now, The Denver Channel and the Stub Hub.

Where can one find tickets for the Colorado Rockies Baseball match?

Tickets for the Colorado Rockies baseball match can be found on websites online, such as, Ticket Master, Box Office Ticket Sales and the MLB website. They can also be found on StubHub.

Where can one find game schedules for the Rockies?

Game schedules for the Colorado Rockies can be found from many different places. Some websites for this type of information include Colorado Rockies - MLB and TicketMaster.

What is the average home game attendance for the Colorado Rockies?

The average home game attendance for the Colorado Rockies during the 2008 season was 33,127 fans (13th in the league).

How much are baseball tickets?

Season tickets to the Colorado Rockies games vary in price. Season tickets for 2012 start at $640 and cost up to $3,280.

When were the Colorado Rockies established?

The Colorado Rockies were established in 1993.

When was Colorado Rockies created?

Colorado Rockies was created in 1993.

What year did mlb Colorado rockies play in the world series?

The 2007 Colorado Rockies were defeated in a four-game sweep by the Boston Red Sox.

Why are the Colorado Rockies named the Rockies?

Because of the Rocky Mountain chain in Colorado

When was Colorado Rockies - NHL - created?

Colorado Rockies - NHL - was created in 1976. In 1982, the Colorado Rockies relocated, and are now the New Jersey Devils.

Where do the Colorado Rockies play at?

The Colorado Rockies play their home games at Coors Field, which is located in Denver, Colorado.

Are the Canadian rockies connedted to the Colorado rockeis?

"The Canadian Rockies are older than the Colorado Rockies. They are however, connected geographically."

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