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if you have a coach you have to tell him to get a scout or you could go and try out for a under 21 team in your area and you could get scouted there or join ODP.

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Q: How can you get scouted in soccer?
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How do you register an agency in soccer?

play soccer and be scouted play soccer and be scouted

Where can you get scouted for soccer?

you can get scouted anywhere it only takes someone to come to a soccer match to see if any players have good potentials

How do you get scouted to play pro soccer?

you have be really good in college

How do you become a professinoal soccer player?

By training hard, and getting scouted

About to go into high school how do I get scouted by a pro or semi-pro league for soccer?

first of all you need to be very very very good to be scouted and you need to join the highest type of soccer in ur community even there you nee to be the best and even at that stage you might not be scouted.

What is the Average age to get scouted for soccer?

around 13 to 16 years old

How does one tryout for Barcelona youth soccer club?

You cant try out, you have to be scouted.

How do you get scouted as a soccer player in South Los Angeles?

First You Find an academy standard club e.g. LA Galaxy. They Should have a soccer school.Then you give it your all and you can work your butt off and then you should hopefully get scouted

How do you get scouted in soccer?

Going to club trials or by playing well for a local team and hoping a scout finds you.

What is the duration of Scouted?

The duration of Scouted is 2400.0 seconds.

How do you get into a football acadamy?

got to a football soccer school like man united, Liverpool, Chelsea and so on or get scouted playing footy.

How do you get scouted as a football player in remote countries?

one way to get the attention of soccer scouts is to play your best game and get assists or goals for your team.another way to get the attention of soccer scouts is to be a team player

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