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To get consent from the NFL to copy any material a letter needs to be written and sent to their legal team located?æin New York. Contacting the NFL via their website will also work.

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Q: How can you get consent from NFL to copy?
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Can you get a copy of an NFL football game?

To get a copy of a NFL football game, find someone who has recorded it and ask for a copy. You can even find the games online.

Can ghosts copy your voice?

Not without my expressed written consent...

Do you need signed consent to use a picture of someone?

well, if it includes or says that copy right rights are reserved, then it'll become mandatory to seek a written consent

Can you legally make NFL logo items that are knockoffs?

No Knockoff automatically means a illegal copy. If there were a Licence agreement between you and the NFL then it would not be a knockoff.

Does it violate copyright to sell copies of NFL games?

If they are copies you taped of the tv, yes it is a violation. If you purchase a game tape from an authorized NFL retailer, you can re-sell it, but cannot keep or make a copy. You can buy your original copy but not make several copies and sell all of them.

How can I get permission from NFL to copy a 1989 football game recorded on BETA video TO a DVD Costco won't convert without permission from NFL?

Maybe check with rRadio Shack or Circuit City.

Can you sell paracord bracelets made with NFL team colors And list it as NFL inspired team colored bracelets?

If you just sell them as colored bracelets, you shouldn't have any problem. However, if you make any reference to the NFL or an associated team anywhere on or with the product, then it comes under NFL or specific team licensing regulations. In short, you cannot market anything (inspired or not) with any reference to the NFL or an NFL team without their express consent

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Sally sues for malpractice claiming she didn't know that the operation could have negative consequences. Your offoce has a copy of an informed consent form signed by sally. How does this affect case?

Sally sues for malpractice, claiming she didn't know that the operation could have (and, in this case, did have) negative consequences. Your office has a copy of an informed consent form signed by Sally. Explain how this affects the case, demonstrating your knowledge of law.

How do I get a copy of someone's long distance phone bill?

You don't. That is their privacy. You could ask them and if they say no then that is it - if you carry it further than that without consent it can be a chargable offence.

How do you recover a fax sent?

Once the document is transmitted it's image is GONE to whoever received it. They may or may not consent to returning or destroying the received copy.

How do you get the rides in Wonder World Amusement Park?

I'm assuming you can't get the rides. With patenting issues and copy rights you can't without the designers consent etc