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How to Get Better at GymnasticsJust do it because it will help you get stronger and better. If you want a 10.0 then you've got to work your 10.0 best no matter what.

Gymnastics is a beautiful sport but it demands a lot of the student and that can become frustrating at times.

The most important trait of a gymnast is the ability to concentrate and focus your attention on the tasks assigned by the coach. Gymnasts need to follow directions and follow through on those instructions and practice as hard as they can. Sometimes a student doesn't understand instructions given by the coach and hesitate to admit it because they think they will appear stupid as if they are the only one who doesn't understand. Most kids feel that way and nothing could be further from the truth. You have be able to understand the coach's instructions, but there is also good chance that perhaps the coach's instructions are not clear which means it is the coach's responsibility to find another way to explain or present the information so all students can understand what is expected of them.

Never be afraid to admit that the instructions aren't clear rather than you aren't capable of understanding them. It is the job of the coach to be able to explain how to learn and practice skills so that all students can learn. Unless you are not paying attention, you should let the coach know that you don't understand so he or she can do the job they are paid to do. If your teacher has a problem with that idea ask your parents to sign you up with another instructor who better suits your personality and learning style.

Don't be too hard on yourself. Making mistakes is an important part of learning anything - but this is especially true in gymnastics. Be prepared to make plenty of mistakes. The only advice I can give that is helpful is to do as many different mistakes as possible rather than repeat the same mistake over and over. The fastest learning students are those who are not afraid to make mistakes and make lots of them. They just don't make the same one over and over. That is a very important idea to consider. In my experience I have never had a student who was able to perform more than five different mistakes before they would perform the skill correctly - by accident and while actually trying to make a lot of different mistakes. That is the real process of learning, learning from our mistakes.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun. Gymnastics is so much fun, even if you feel as though you aren't learning - it can still be lots of fun. In fact, making mistakes can often be the funniest part of a class or practice session. I bet you didn't know that one reason adults don't enroll in gymnastics lessons is that they are too afraid to make mistakes or looking silly. I can't believe that sometimes because to me that was the part that made it fun. Every time I made a big mistake I would have a good laugh with my friends and then I wasn't as afraid to make mistakes - and then I began to learn much faster. Try it. It works.

I would tell my gymnasts that anytime they didn't understand something that they should just raise their hand and tell me. That would mean that I had to come up with another way to explain a skill or concept until all of the students understand. I also make it known that if a student fails to make it known that the instructions are not clear or they simply don't understand then the problem will remain theirs to solve. After all how can the coach answer a question that isn't asked?

The best athletes I've coached were all hard on themselves and many times they would be too hard on themselves. That means they were being unreasonable with themselves by expecting too much progress too soon. Gymnastics is the most demanding sport and gymnasts need to understand that it will take many attempts and lots and lots of practice before a student can perform a skill poorly let alone well.

The most important thing to remember is the best thing to do is to get into the habit of giving your best effort each time you make an attempt at performing a new skill or drill. More than anything this will ensure a constant rate of progress. You can't do anymore than that. Sometimes, though you best effort may not be enough to progress and learn at the rate you would like. You can avoid a lot of frustration by remembering to stay focused on your own progress and never compare yourself to another student. Every student is different and each has a varying amount of physical ability, mental and emotional ability and there is no reason to expect that you should be able to learn faster than anyone else. Instead always remain focused on what you are doing and doing your best to finish the task or assignment you are given by the coach.

Sometimes other student make comments that are hurtful. If this happens you should take come comfort in the fact that everybody is different and no matter how good a person may be at one activity, there will always be something that they will not be so good at. That is true of everyone.

Another important trait of a good gymnast is courage or the ability to overcome fear. Most people would never even try to do even beginner level gymnastics because it would frighten them too much. Just being enrolled in gymnastics already has distinguished you as being part of a very small percentage of the general population. You have already set yourself apart from most other people of any age group. You should be proud of that and try to remember that during every gymnastics lesson because you won't be as hard on yourself.

Be patient, it takes a long while to learn even basic gymnastics skills. But that is okay because the more you learn the more you have distinguished yourself. Be as reasonable with yourself as you would be if you were teaching students younger than yourself. There is no reason to be any more demanding on yourself than you would be on another person. Adult instructors should also follow that philosophy because the primary goal in gymnastics is to have fun. Gymnastics is so much fun that you should not allow unimportant distractions bother you.

Remember, even beginner gymnasts are doing things that most other people (adults as well as kids) would not ever attempt. That means you are already very special and should look at yourself that way.

My answer, Im editing it jejeje

Okay Ive been a gymnast for like 10 years and I know the difficulties. Youre going to make mistakes but thats really what will help you get a perfect 10.00. Sometimes its frustrating but the worst you can do is stop trying. Ive been with different coaches lots of times. With some I learnt faster but with some it was more difficult to learn. This was why some coaches cant see all the potential you can have. You may think some coaches ar bad just because they make you do more things but this is really what will help you. Well I hope you like my answer. "Sometimes you dont have to be afraid to have your feet of the ground" my own quote jejejeje literaly dont be afraid.

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Q: How can you get better at gymnastics if you are frustrated and extremely hard on yourself?
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