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Q: How can you get base of preference if you are a first term airman?
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Who has first preference to assets in case a business fails?

long-term creditors

What is the US Navy rank an?

AN indicates the rank of airman or E-3 in the field of aviation. not to be confused with the us airforce's use of the term airman to describe all of their personnell

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there queer

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First base is a term used in baseball but it is also widely used as a metaphor to disguise what happened on a date. In the past it wasn't acceptable to discuss sexual matter openly so American boys began using this term as a type of code.

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In forex trades, it refers to the first currency in a currency pair which has the same meaning as the term "base currnecy".

What does 3C - First-term airman not yet considered under the SRP mean?

3C is a reenlistment code that is used when the person in question is not eligible to reenlist in the Air Force, but may reenlist in another service with an appropriate waiver.

What does the Baseball term ducks on the pond mean?

two men on base, runners in scoring position second and first, second and third and especially on the corners third and first base

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Sexist - or if it's about sexual preference: lesbian.

People in the Army are called Soldier and those in the Air Force are called Airman. What is the right term for people in the Coast Guard?

Coast Guardsman

What is the definition of the term 'choose from'?

The common definition of the term "choose from" are to select freely and after consideration or to decide on especially by vote or to have a preference for.

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This is an outdated term refering to sexual orientation (whether a person is straight, bi, or gay). The term originated before it was fully understood that a person's sexual orientation is not a choice or "preference" but rather, an unchangeable nature.

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Fundus is the medical term meaning base.