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you get a world ranking in tennis by first being good at tennis and second of all winning competions like the astralia open etc

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Q: How can you get a world ranking in tennis?
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What is Serena Williams tennis ranking?

World #1 - 2010

What is gilles simons world ranking in tennis?

his high was 7 but he is now 54

First African American tennis player to achieve a world ranking?

Althea Gibson.

Who was the no 1 in the tennis world ranking today?

As of January 19, 2014, the number one tennis player in the ATP is Rafael Nadal.

What does Rafael Nadal do?

He is a world class tennis player. In fact, his current ranking right now is #1 in the world.

Who was the first African American male tennis player to achieve a world ranking?

Arthur Ashe

Who is the first African-American male tennis player to achieve a world ranking?

Arthur Ashe.

What does Rafael Nadal do now?

He is a world class tennis player. In fact, his current ranking right now is #1 in the world.

Is there a historical ranking of popularity of Tennis players?


What does pr mean in a tennis draw?

Protected ranking.

Who is the Youngest tennis player to be ranked 1 in the world?

Martina Hingis was 16 years, 6 months old when she gained the #1 ranking in women's tennis in March, 1997.

In tennis who is the highest ranking man?

Federer.... then(and currently) Nadal

How are umpires chosen for the US Open tennis tournament?

by their ranking

How is women's ranking in tennis decided?

It is decided on how they are good at sex

What tennis ranking points are given in grand slams?


What is England's ranking in table tennis countries?

The England men are ranked at number 38 in the world. The England women are ranked at number 21 in the world.

When did Tatiana Golovin start playing tennis?

Tatiana Golovin started playing tennis as a pro in 2002. She is known ofr her forehand shot and the highest ranking in the world for her has been 12th.

Who is the first aferican America male tennis player to achieve a world ranking?

nobody....Aferican is not a word....African maybe Ashe

Who is the world number 3 tennis player?

Agnieszka Radwanska from Poland in women (WTA ranking) and Roger Federer in men (ATP ranking). This is a continuous ranking and different to CHampions Race that is run every year and counts from the beginning of each year.

Who is world number 4 in tennis?

Andy Murray is 4th in the men's ATP world rankings currently. Caroline Wozniacki is 4th in the women's WTA world ranking currently.

Who is highest ranking singles tennis player 2009?

Federer of course!

What is the ranking of kuet in world ranking?

80 Th engineering university in world ranking 2014

What is Lleyton Hewitt famous for?

Lleyton Hewitt, an Australian tennis player, is famous for ranking World No. 1 at age 20, making him the youngest male tennis player to ever rank World No. 1. He has competed in various tournaments as well.

What is tennis ranking?

in Jr. tennis, you play USTA matches to earn your ranking. The more times you win or advance into the next round, the higher your ranking. also, beating someone whose ranking is higher than you will boost your ranking up. most rankings are regional, state, or national. in professional tennis, its mostly the same, but its ranked for bigger tournaments, like the US open, Australian open, etc. If you watch a big tournament on tv, it will most of the time tell you who is ranked what and what their ranking will be if they win the tournament.

What ranking does Bryan kulikov have in tennis boys 8 singles?

hes #1