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Drop a big rock on the jar to smash it, thus releasing the ping pong ball.

Fill the jar with water.

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Q: How can you get a ping pong ball out of a jar without touching the ball or the jar?
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How do you move a ping pong ball without touching it?

Blowing it?

How can move objects without touching them?

air, water etc. can move object. Example: A ping pong ball is on a table. Blow on the ball it moves.

Can a ping pong ball be balanced on another ping pong ball?

no , it cannot

How do take a ping pong ball out of a jar with out touching it?

Pour water in the jar until it floats out.

What sport has a smaller ball ping pong or squash?

I think ping pong has a smaller ball

What is a ping pong ball?

It is a small ball that you hit back and forth on a ping pong table.

Average speed of ping-pong ball?

What is the average speed of a ping pong ball in the olympics?

How heavy is a ping pong ball in grams?

A ping pong ball is usually 2.7 grams.

How many ping pong ball you need to cover 300scare feet?

22179.7 when the diameter of a ping pong ball is 40 mm I found the area of a ping pong ball and divided 300 sq ft by the area of one ping pong ball.

What is a ping pong robot?

The ping pong robot help you practice your tale-tennis skills without needed a human partner. It has a camera that follows the ball as well as a mechanism for catching the ping pong ball and returning it to the player. Find the ping pong robot video and more over here:

Is the gas inside a ping pong ball poisonous?

No ... the inside of a ping pong ball is filled with air. Click on the 'Inside of a Ping Pong Ball' link below to learn more.

Can you lift a one pound weight with a ping pong ball?

Depends how hard the ping pong ball is.