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Here's several ideas: Check the school web site, Search "Mississippi State game program 1979" (They did'nt go to a bowl that year) on E-bay. "Google" the same phrase, or something close to it. Mississippi State did go to a bowl the following year. They met Nebraska in the Sun Bowl. The '80 Sun Bowl program should be an easy and inexpensive find, if the player you are looking for was an underclassmen in '79............. and.... Fred Collins was the rushing leader, Tony Black was passing leader, and Mardye McDole was their top receiver. They went 3 and 8. McDole still holds season and career receiving records at State.

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The Mississippi State Bulldogs are always a tough team. The 1991 roster included Lance Aldridge, Treddis Anderson, Jeff Artigues, Shea Bell, Andre Bennett, Chris Bosarge, Daniel Boyd, Jerome Brown, Torrance Brown, Keith Carr, Herman Carrol, Curt Clanton, Danny Clark, Keo Coleman, Greg Cooke, Johnny Curtis, Charlie Davidson, Michael Davis, Trenell Edwards, Chris Firle, Lee Ford, Tay Galloway, Chris Gardner, Arleye Gibson, James Gibson, Purvie Green, Chad Grosscup, Scott Gumina, Tony Harris, Willie Harris, Melvin Hawkins, Kevin Henry,Terry High, Tom Hollingsworth, Jesse James, John James, Leon James, Tony James, Greg Jone, Byron Jordan, Todd Jordan, Keith Joseph, Kelvin Knight, Kevin Kolka, Wesley Leasy, Lee Lipscomb, Juan Long, Frankie Luster, Byron McCall, Kyle McCoy, Fred McCrary, Mi. Montgomery, Tommy Morrell, Jimmie Myles, Runnie Pender, Greg Plump, William Prince, Matt Reese, Mike Riley, Kenny Roberts, Sleepy Robinson, Bill Sartin, Chris Stallworth, Kenny Stewart, Rodney Stowers,Anthony Thames, Clint Thornton, Fred Ward, Edward Williams, Nate Williams, Karl Williamson, Jason Wisner, and Marc Woodard.

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Q: How can you find out who was on the 1979 football roster for Mississippi State?
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