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You can find information, and pictures on a few Brooklyn Dodger Pennants at If you can't find the one you are looking for you can send me a picture, or a more detailed description. use my message board to up load the picture, or contact me for help. I will include a couple of links on this page to check out.

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Q: How can you find out the year an old Brooklyn Dodger pennant was made?
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Why is a 1954 Brooklyn Dodgers yearbook so high in value compared to other yearbooks?

Although breaking the hearts of Brooklynites by moving the team to Los Angeles in 1958 Dodger enthusiasts still pine for their team, and have made Brooklyn Dodgers memorabilia some of the most sought after in the hobby. This would be one reason why Brooklyn Dodger Yearbooks sell higher than Yearbooks from other team yearbooks from the same era. If that is what you mean by "other yearbooks?" The 1954 Brooklyn Dodger yearbook is not the most expensive of all the Dodger yearbooks. ( $175.00 -- $250.00) The 1942 Brooklyn Dodger Yearbook (The Dodger Victory Book) is harder to find than the first issue of 1941, and sells between $450.-$600. In 1955 the Brooklyn Dodgers won the NL Pennant, and then Dem' Bums went on to beat the Yankees in the World Series Making the 1955 the second hardest issue to find, and sell between $250.00 -- $400.00. The 1951 issue marks the first appearance of "Da Bum" drawing by Famous Sporting News artist/illustrator Willard Mullin. The issues between 1951-1957 all feature the work of Willard Mullin. There are collectors that will buy these issues for that fact alone. For more information on Brooklyn Dodger yearbooks, price guide, and images of the cover art by Willard Mullin. visit the Brooklyn Dodger Yearbooks link I have provided.

How much is a small Brooklyn Dodgers pennant worth?

More information would be needed to give an accurate value on your mini pennant. The Size of the mini pennant could help in figuring out the year of the pennant, and who made or sold it. The pennant could be a Premium mini pennant offered by a candy company in a special offer for example. A 1936-37 Red Ball Sales Company Premium Brooklyn Dodgers mini pennant, that simply reads Dodgers, with a bat glove, and ball design to the left is worth about $30.-$50. The pennant is 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" in size. Vintage pennants are difficult to date to a specific season. Many pennants were for sale at the ballparks for several years in a row. Team logo's and artwork could help in dating. Often team will use the same artwork on other souvenirs like programs, and yearbooks making it possible to date to a specific year. See Related links below for more information on the mini pennant mentioned above. There are also other vintage pennants with pictures to help you identify your pennant.

Where can you find information about a St. Louis Cardinals pennant?

St. Louis Cardinals Pennant ValueTo find out what your Cardinals pennant is worth we have to first determine a number of factors. What Year was the pennant made? Is the Pennant from a championship year? Condition is important. On average a St. Louis Cardinals pennant will sell for anywhere between $25.00 - $50.00 pre 1970s, and as low as $10. to $25. after that. A 1950s Signature pennant can sell as high as $150.00. A pennant with a popular players name like Stan Musial on it will increase the value as will if it is from a championship year. A pennant with the old Busch Stadium would also be more collectible. And like everything else supply and demand will determine the price. Condition is always Key.For more information see related Links below

When was Made in Brooklyn created?

Made in Brooklyn was created in 2004.

When was the Brooklyn bridge made?

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What structure was the Brooklyn bridge made out of?

the Brooklyn bridge was made of a suspension Bridge.

What kind of sign is a pennant?

A pennant is a triangular sign, usually made out of a felt (or felt-like) material and printed on both sides. It usually has a wooden or plastic rod used as a handle in the widest end of the triangle. See the related link below for a picture of a pennant.

What is the way the Brooklyn bridge made?

The Brooklyn Bridge is a suspension bridge made from wire cable.

What covers the Brooklyn Bridge?

The Brooklyn Bridge is made of wire cable.

How old is Dodger Stadium?

52 years old, and the stadium was made in 1958

What is the value of a 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers World Series pin?

A 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers World Series Champion pin could be worth about $350.-$500. or more. These pins were sold at the ballpark and measure about 3 1/2" in diameter. 1955 Brooklyn Dodger World Series press pins made by Dieges & Clust are worth about $600.-$800. You would have to be more specific on the pin you have for a more accurate value

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When was dodger stadium made?

1959-62, it opened in April 1962 (when it was known as Chavez Ravine).

Where are Dodger Dogs available?

Meadford New Jersey.. The same place Phillie Franks are made.

What player on the Brooklyn Dodgers was a hero in the 1955 World Series by catching a long fly ball hit by Yogi Berra?

Dodger outfielder, Sandy Amoros made a spectacular catch of a long fly ball hit by Yogi Berra. Amoros is credited for saving the series for the Dodgers.

What is the value of a 1941 Brooklyn dodger world series press pin?

1941 Brooklyn Dodgers World Series Press PinPress Pins which have been distributed since 1911, are distributed to members of the media by the host teams for the World Series games. The press pins are made to be worn on the lapel to provide reporters access to cover the game.A 1941 Brooklyn Dodgers World Series threaded post Press Pin made by Dieges & Clust is worth about $300.00 - $475.00 in excellent - Near Mint condition.

What are the release dates for Made in Brooklyn - 2007?

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How many times have the dodger went to the world series?

The Dodgers have went to the World Series 16 times. The Brooklyn Dodgers have went to the series in 1941, 1947, 1949, 1952, 1953, 1955 and 156. The Los Angeles Dodggers first made it to the series in 1959 and then made it to theseries in 1963, 1965, 1966, 1974, 1977, 1978, 1981 and 1988.

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